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Morrison Windsor Chairs
Est 1994

My Windsor Chairs are a fine and sturdy rendering of an American Classic.   Few chairs match the grace and none exceed the comfort of a handmade Windsor.  Each Windsor chair I make begins with the harvesting of native woods.  I use Maple for the legs and stretchers, for its strength and turning qualities;  Ash or Oak for the back and spindles, for their tenacity and bending qualities; and White Pine for the lightness and comfort of a well-carved seat.   Every individual piece is a delight to the eye, and the visual whole is greater than the sum of its parts.   I prefer a finish of several coats of milk paint, oiled and hand-rubbed to a lustrous and durable finishes.

For the most part all chairs are made to order, however I do have a
limited inventory readily available.
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As a testimony to the durability of a handmade chair: Twenty-One years ago I built 60 chairs for the dining room of the Pitcher Inn in Warren Vermont. They are still in use today.

The Balloon Back or Classic Bow Back Windsor is the perfect choice for a set of dining room or kitchen chairs.

The standard measurement is approximately a 16 " seat front to back, 17 " inch seat side to side, the leg span in the front is approximately 20 " across and the average height 38 ". However, these measurements can be modified.

The Continuous arm chair is an excellent companion to the balloon Back windsor side chair. Many order two of these to set at the head of a dining table along with a set of side chairs. This also makes a wonderful desk or writing chair.  
Average height 27 - 28 ", width approx 21 " and depth approx 19 " but dimensions can vary depending on individual needs.

This handsome and elegant High Back or Comb Back Windsor arm chair is both sturdy and comfortable. It makes a
lovely addition to a formal sitting room, corner chair or elegant desk chair.
The Carved knuckles and carved ears along with the Philadelphia style turnings compliment the style and beauty of this

This sturdy yet elegant Windsor Sack Back High Chair is an excellent example of the comfort and grace of the Classic Windsor Sack Back.
The design of this chair was
a mutual effort  between Myself and Lark Upson, designer and carpenter in Marshfield Vermont.
The classic Sack Back Windsor makes a comfortable side chair, dining chair, great room chair or desk chair.
sions can vary depending on individual preference.

Classic Rendition of the Philadelphia Tavern Chair. This chair is a lighter, slightly more stylized version of the chairs featured in the pub at City Tavern, Olde City, Philadelphia Pa.
I made this chair for my wife who refinished it with a Marigold (milk paint) undercoating and a wash of Barn Red (milk paint), rubbed almost completely off, then oiled with her special blend of linseed, beeswax and plant oils that we use to finish all our furnishings.
The Philadelphia Tavern Chair: 
The Family of Windsors that I have been making consist of the classic bow back or balloon back windsor side chair, Sack Back, Comb Back and Continuous Arm Chair.
All light, elegant and yet durable enough to last for generations.

My workmanship guaranteed!
Top: Carved Knuckles Detail.
Second: Carved Ear Detail.
Third: Philadelphia Turning Detail.
Bottom: Simple Paddle Arm Detail.

(Illustrations: Nakima Ollin 2003)

Sack Back Side Chair (natural finish).

A stylized version of the High Back Windsor Armchair.       (Natural finish).
A Few Words About Finishes

Traditional finishes were commonly milk paint under a coat of oil. This was done for aesthetics but also for economic reasons given the fact that several different woods are often used in the construction of chairs and furnishings, not only because matching woods can be time consuming and costly, different woods provide different degrees of integrity or flexibility in the overall assembly of a chair.

Therefore to build a chair using one species of wood requires careful selection to match the various parts.

My standard finishes range from unstained, to stained, to a milk paint finish. Milk paint finishes can be one color or two colors. To seal the painted chair we use an oil blend that we make which results in a lustrous finish. We prefer to work as much as possible with non-toxic products, such as milk paint and a traditional linseed oil based formula that we make on site. My prices include the basic finish of a single color milk paint/oil finish, or stain/oil finish. I also offer two color milk paint finish. See my price page for details.